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What is Day-Of Coordination with Celebrations by Amy Bacon?

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Allow us to explain what a day-of coordinator actually does for you!

One of the services that Celebrations by Amy Bacon offers is our Day-of Coordinating Package. It’s a common misconception that couples believe our service will only include the actual day. Day-of Coordinators do a lot more than show up on the day of your wedding and we would like to give you a little more information on what Day-of Coordination involves.

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Brides who choose a Day-of Package are often women who need little guidance along the way. If you are planning to handle most of your wedding details yourself, then a Day-of Coordinating Package is perfect for you!

Our Day-Of Wedding Package means the bride is responsible for doing the majority of her own planning. Please remember, in order for your planner to do her job – and do it well - she will need to know every detail you have planned. No detail is too small! After all, it’s ALL in the details, right?

So, if you decide to have a cigar or espresso bar at the last minute, your planner needs to know. If you want to include a wine ceremony with your vows or want to surprise your family with a special soloist singing at the ceremony, the planner needs to know that, too! A good planner will be asking MANY questions about your day; perhaps even asking you to fill out some questionnaires, as sometimes those tiny types of details can fall through the cracks. We believe that communication is imperative.

A reputable planner starts coordinating the final details of your wedding at least a month out. We have time-lines to create, vendors to contact,  coordination of deliveries, confirming of final payments and of course, going over every little detail with a fine toothed comb to ensure nothing has been over looked. We can, and have jumped in when hired two weeks out from the wedding! However, the more time you allow us to be involved, the better.

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Speaking of time-lines your planner should also be creating a detailed itinerary for you, your wedding party, and all your vendors; and this too takes time. Scheduling all the vendors, letting everyone know where to be and at what time, those important contact names, cell numbers and emergency backup contacts … these things can’t be gathered on the “Day-Of.” It all takes work, organizational skills, experience and a lot of time! 

Trust us, you don’t want a planner who says they’re just going to show up on your wedding day and run everything; making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, when they are supposed to be doing it. By then it will be too late and much more difficult to fix any problems.  Your planner is supposed to ensure that everyone is completing your vision. This cannot be accomplished if we don’t know what that vision is! Another point to remember: we spend at least 40+ hours to ‘simply’ “Day-Of” coordinate, so while you may want to lean towards the lowest price planner you can find, a ridiculously low price quote would tell me this planner is not going to do all she should be doing. This applies to all wedding vendors; we believe you get what you pay for. You do not want to take a risk on this special day.

You can ask ANY of our past clients and they will all agree that if you are getting married you NEED a wedding planner; or should we say you need us!

Image provided by Ryan & Denise Photography

 If you would like more information on our Day-of Coordination
packages, please contact Amy Bacon.
Direct # 602.762.1174
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 The team at Celebrations by Amy Bacon look forward to making all your wedding day dreams come true! 

Image provided by Ryan & Denise Photography
                                   Written by Amy Bacon Owner | Lead Planner | Designer

Leigh and Tug Married 3.24.12
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Coordination - Celebrations by Amy Bacon
Venue - The Arizona Biltmore
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Live Music - String Serenade
Make Up - Debbie Verver

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