Thursday, June 13, 2013

Amy Bacon was recently interviewed on the new ABC show THE LIST!

A walk down the aisle these days is like walking the red carpet. With the increase in cameras on cell phones and tablets, guests are becoming paparazzi. The quest to capture the perfect picture is the biggest problem at weddings, according to wedding planner Amy Bacon. The camera toting guests are interfering with professional photographers who are trying to get the perfect shot, by using the flash, standing in the background with camera in hand, and even blocking shots.

Bacon shared her list of photo opps that are off limits for guests.

Walk down the aisle
First dance
Cutting the cake
Father/daughter and Mother/son dance
Bouquet toss

The simple rule: If it’s a major event let the professionals handle it. But still some guest and bridal party photos make it to social media before they should, which causes another set of problems.

"If the groom has mutual friends, and he’s looking through Facebook in the down time before the ceremony he may see the bride," Bacon said.

While social media is bad for guests, Bacon said nothing is off limits for the bride and groom.

"I have brides give me their passwords to change their status the moment the ceremony is over," she said.

It’s not just facebook, Bacon also had another couple who incorporated twitter into their ceremony.

"I actually had a couple who met on twitter and they actually tweeted before he kissed her," she said.

So leave the social media to the happy couple, and the perfect shots to the professionals as you navigate the new water of technology and wedding etiquette on The Breakdown.