Saturday, May 26, 2012

Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?

Are you ready to jump into wedding planning alone? Well, that's ok for some. We save our clients money with vendors, discounts, money saving tricks, etc. However, we understand that some people want to plan alone and we respect that. BUT what about the day of the wedding? Who's going to make sure your vision is executed? Your family? Your friends? Wouldn't it be better if they were with YOU?!

If you're getting married ask yourself these questions. 

If the answer to ANY of them is YOU, the Groom, your family, or your bridal party then you need a Day-Of Coordinator! You work very hard for months, some of you years to plan this day. Not to mention the money you spend to make sure it's perfect. Allow Celebrations by Amy Bacon to help you enjoy your investment.

 Does this bride and groom look they're worried about who's doing the ceremony 
and reception set up?

WHO will create the timeline for the day/night?

WHO will greet every vendor? This is at the same time you will be getting ready and most likely be doing pre-ceremony photos.

WHO will handle problem family member or bridal party

WHO tells the vendors where to place their delivery?

WHO will call the vendors if they do not arrive on time?

WHO will monitor the vendors to make sure everything is set up correctly?

WHO will make sure the cake cutting set and toasting flutes are set up correctly?

WHO will hand out the bouquets, pin the boutonnieres and/or corsages?

WHO will make sure the bridal party is ready and where they need to be for pre-ceremony photos?

WHO will make sure the ceremony is set up? The Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Programs, Tissues, Bubbles, maps to the reception, chairs, sound equipment, etc.

WHO will make sure the reception tables are setup? This includes place cards, favors, menu cards, napkins, etc.?

WHO will set out the Guest Book, the Signature Frame, the Wishing Tree, candles, disposable cameras, etc.

WHO will make sure the groom and his party are accounted for and dressed?

WHO will give the programs to the ushers, make sure the ushers are in place at the time the need to be, and help them if they have questions about seating?

WHO will make sure the parents know where they should be and what they should be doing before, during and after the ceremony?

WHO will monitor the flow of people to make sure you and your fiancĂ© don’t see each other before you’re ready to?

WHO will tell you the status of your guest’s arrival and let you know when everyone is ready to line up?

WHO will make sure everyone lines up as they should if they forget from the rehearsal?

WHO will have an emergency kit with eye lash glue, mints, fashion tape, aspirin, Tums, etc.?

WHO will cue the musician?

WHO will guide your bridal party as to where they should go after the recessional to sign the marriage licenses and prepare for formal photos?

WHO will hold the marriage license before the signing and after? 

WHO will make sure your guests are moved to the cocktail hour or reception?

WHO will make sure a tray of appetizers is available for you and your fiancé when you get back from formal photos? Yes, you should eat before the Grand Entrance!

WHO will make sure your bridal party is lined up for the Grand Entrance?

WHO will the caterer or site manager check with to make sure you are still on schedule for dinner, toasts and cake cutting?

WHO will make sure that you and your new groom always have a drink in hand?

WHO will make sure your photographer eats at the same time you do so they can take photos when you are done eating and not stuck eating for two minutes before going back to work for another 4 hours?

WHO will make sure you stay on track for your time line and make decisions on your behalf if something goes off track?

will deal with issues that arise with the caterer, DJ or Bar Service?

WHO will help get a cab for someone who needs to be escorted out due to over drinking? 

WHO will distribute sparklers, bubbles, rice bags, or rose petals for your Grand Exit?

WHO will make sure your personal items get boxed up safely and given to someone you assigned?

WHO will take home items that are left behind for you to pick up in the next couple days?

WHO will make sure that rented items are ready for pick up at the venue to avoid extra charges to you?

WHO will check you in to your hotel early so you do not have to do it at the end of the night?

WHO will return the tuxes the next day, or take your dress to the cleaners?  Or your dress and flowers in for preservation?

Most important 
WHO will make sure you don't have to do anything but be a GUEST at your wedding?

Photography: Photography by Verdi,, 480.297.8990
Church:  St. Mary’s Basilica, Phoenix,
Wedding Coordinator:  Celebrations by Amy Bacon,, 602-762-1174
Florist:  Michelle from Crazy Daisies,, 623-210-2037
DJ:  Steve from Universal Disc Jockeys,, 602-625-5555
Photo Booth:  Mike from Snap Booth Entertainment,, 480-540-6238
Cake:  Kevin from Piece of Cake,, 602-628-4194
Hair Stylist:  Yvonne from Enlighten Studio,, 480-422-4702