Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rollo Treats

What you need:
50 small pretzel squares/waffle style or mini's
50 pieces Rollo candies
50 pieces half pecans 

1)  Place pretzel pieces on a baking sheet 
            - To make clean up simple I placed a piece of tin foil on the baking sheet 
            - You can also remove it and start another batch
                         - This will allow the first batch to cool

2)  Top each pretzel with a Rollo candy 
            - Unwrapping each Rollo is the hardest part of this recipe

3)  Place in oven at 350 degrees to just let the Rollo candy melt on top of the pretzel to hold it in place 
           - About 2-4 minutes 
           - Just enough for the Rollo to start melting 
                   - It should be soft but not melted over
4)  Remove from oven and place a pecan piece on top - then push the pecan down

5)  Let cool and harden.

Here are some other fun variations on the same recipe ....

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