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Marriage Equality for Arizona | 10.17.14

Arizona same-sex couples are lining up to get marriage licenses after Attorney General Tom Horne announced this morning he will not appeal the court ruling striking down Arizona's marriage restriction.
The marriages of same-sex couples wed in other states are also now legal in Arizona.
Horne said there is "zero" chance of a successful appeal and so legal ethics dictated he drop any appeal of the 9th Circuit court's ruling.
Horne has issued a letter instructing county clerks to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples immediately.
"Effective immediately, the clerks of Arizona county superior courts cannot deny a marriage license to any otherwise eligible licensees on the grounds that the license permits a marriage between persons of the same sex," Horne wrote in his letter.
Arizona now becomes the 31st state to allow same-sex couples to marry.
County clerks were at various stages of readiness for couples who have been anticipating the ruling.
Maricopa County clerk's offices quickly began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples at all of its locations. Some locations already had couples waiting in lobbies as Horne made the announcement, Deputy Clerk of the Maricopa County Superior Court Chris Kelly said.


Celebrations by Amy Bacon supports all marriages and looks forward to celebrating with more and more same sex couples in the coming years.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Words of Advice from Former Brides on Hiring a Wedding Planner: DO IT

Early on into planning our reception, we got a glimpse of what can go wrong in the planning process, and I guess in a way, we were lucky because it led us to getting a planner. We experienced false promises made on the part of the original venue -- it turns out they did not have the capacity to have our event. They did not have appropriate staff OR facilities. They sold it to us anyway, citing later that they needed OUR MONEY to make renovations so they could hold events there in future, and we were lucky enough to get out of the contract. Fortunately we found another venue, but it was illuminating; we didn't know what we were doing! Most couples getting married have never planned a wedding before. Even very educated people are naive to this process and it's easy to get taken. So we didn't want to take any more chances. We needed to team up with experts who have done this process over and over and know what to do, what to watch out for, and how to avoid any other potential disastrous situations. 

At first we thought everything was costing a lot, and considered if it was really necessary. Could we depend on ourselves or the venue to take care of everything? We have thrown numerous parties in the past, and they've been great. But we spent the time at those parties waiting on everyone. We were in the kitchen making food and drinks. We cleaned up afterwards. The parties were fun but they flew by, and our memories happened in the kitchen. We wanted to really enjoy our reception, as hosts and in a way, as guests. Knowing that the details were taken care of for us was our favorite part about having a coordinator step in to help us finalize the details and organize everything for that day. Knowing that someone was hounding our vendors, in a nice way, to ensure the day would go off without a hitch. Some vendors are not good at calling back and it was a pain since we both work full-time. It felt really good to hand that off to capable people who we trusted would get the job done. Everything was totally organized when the day finally arrived. We got to enjoy the day and not stress that it was going to be a success. We keep hearing from friends and family that it was the best wedding reception they've attended ever. My parents were in awe. Nothing was required of my family. No one had jobs. Everyone got to enjoy the party, including us.

If I could go back and change anything about our reception, I would have involved the planning team sooner. It was really stressful to change venues at the last minute. I think all the time, what if we would have had it at a venue that was not prepared to handle us but were planning to "wing" it? What the hell. That would have been a disaster! If we had hired a coordinator earlier, we would have found out about this issue sooner and stressed less about handling it. It also would have helped to have had someone look over contracts from an event point of view before we signed them. Our bar order included bottles of water even though we also had a water station set up five feet away. People who asked for water got a $5 bottle of Smart water and no one was directed to the giant water jug nearby. I didn’t think anything of this when we got the proposal so it would have helped our budget to have had someone in the business look it over before we signed on the dotted line.

Two words of advice to couples considering hiring an event planner: DO IT. Your wedding is too important (and too expensive) to be anything less than perfect. You will not regret it!

               Written by our bride :: Hez    Produced by :: Patrice Klaum    
                Images by :: R2 Studio

Venue | Hotel Palomar
Planning and Coordination :: Celebrations by Amy Bacon | Patrice lead planner
Photography :: R2 Studio 
Florist :: Ever After Florals
Cupcakes :: Piece of Cake 
Cupcake Tree/Stand :: Cake Hole Project

Hair and Makeup :: Switchblade Salon 
DJ :: Desert House Productions

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Best Wedding Planners: Celebrations by Amy Bacon

Karah Van Kammen January 28, 2014 
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When designing your dream day for the one of the biggest moments of your life you want to put you vision in the hands of only the premiere planners. The readers have spoken and voted Celebration by Amy Bacon as Best Wedding Planners in the Valley for 2014!

Image provided by Foskett Creative

Winner: Celebrations by Amy Bacon

Celebrations by Amy Bacon offers the highest level of professional service so that you can sit back and enjoy your event just as much as your invited guests with the certainty that your vision for the day comes to life. With over ten years of wedding and event planning experience, we are one of Arizona’s premier wedding and event planning specialists. You’re guaranteed to find that one of our planners is the perfect person to take care of you and your event from start to finish. We limit the number of weddings and events we plan every year to ensure that you receive superior service and our dedicated attention.

We got out votes by…
creating a Facebook event and inviting our clients, friends, and acquaintances. Word of mouth is the best advertising and we’re proud that our circle of support let their voices be heard to help us win!

We are the best Wedding Planners in the Valley because…
we connect with our clients from the start and are still there for them even after the event is done. We fight back tears when we have to move a folder to ‘Former Clients’ because they became family to us! We can’t make their event perfect if we don’t really know who they are as people, not just as a bride or a groom; we hear time and again that this is one of our clients’ favorite things about us so we know we’re on the right track.

We would like to thank…
our friends and family for not only supporting us through votes to win Best of the Valley but for always supporting us! Wedding planning is not an easy job and we couldn’t do it without the love of those around us. You help remind us why we do what we do; THANK YOU!

Winning the Best of Our Valley contest is important to us because…
we always strive to do our very best no matter what and it is encouraging to be recognized for it. Our clients and fellow vendors that voted for us have seen first-hand how hard we work so we are very thankful that they believe in us enough to vote!

We are motivated by…
the love and joy that is felt at an event after months and sometimes years of planning with our clients. Lots of blood, sweat, and tears go into planning and executing an event so when we are able to stop and look around at all of the happiness that it created, we are fueled to do it all over again with more events in the future.

We pride ourselves on…
putting our clients first. We love working with the best vendors and venues in the Valley so they are who we refer our clients to, not because we are going to receive referral fees from it but because we know our clients deserve nothing but the absolute best. Our clients know that if we give them a company’s name, it’s because we know that company will take care of our clients 110%. We cringe when we hear about events that weren’t a success because a lousy recommendation was made so we take every precaution and are highly critical when we decide who makes the cut in getting to work on our clients’ events.

Some of our other favorite businesses, people, places, etc. in the Valley are… 
We love being able to support local businesses and small shops! Keeping the money here in Arizona is important because it keeps our industry going and growing. Whenever we can we try to have our meetings at locally owned restaurants; it’s a bonus that most of them have the best tasting food and drinks available! Lux Central is great for our low-key morning meetings for sipping on lattes while discussing details and OHSO Brewery is perfect when we need to relax after a long day of design meetings around town. When in doubt, pick local!

Our favorite thing about Arizona is…
the beautiful weather and awe-inspiring sunsets. Having a 9-month event season is unheard of in other states but it’s what we’re blessed with in Arizona. As wedding planners we check the weather forecast almost religiously. Who can argue with partly cloudy and 75 degrees for events? Of course there are times when we have to pull out Plans B, C, and D when the weather doesn’t agree with our outdoor plans, but we’re prepared when that happens and we know it can make for some unique memories! It’s just a coincidence that our company colors are reflected in the sky each evening as the sun goes down, but we love those shades of pink, blue, purple and orange all the same. The Arizona sky can’t be beat for the ideal backdrop to a couple’s first pictures as husband and wife!

We love our community because…
it is filled with such caring and supportive people. Our vendors know that if they ever need help with anything, they are surrounded by people who will lend a helping hand, no questions asked. As workers in the events industry, no one can do what they do without collaboration and our community lives that out with passion. Events are a group effort; why not get along with the people you work alongside with and create some friendships in the meantime?

We are looking forward to the Best of Our Valley Bash because…
we are usually the ones working at events! It’s rare when we actually get to sit back and attend them. We’re honored to be recognized with so many other Best of the Valley companies and are excited to get to celebrate together. Interaction is most often through phone calls or emails with these people so we can’t wait to get together in person to celebrate our achievements.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Engagement Season .... Yes, we said ENGAGEMENT SEASON!

Merry Christmas, friends! Christmas time is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged. Make this year's New Years' resolution to hire your wedding planner and day-of coordinator! The holiday season can be hard enough to keep stress-free and adding such an important life event to the mix can make that feat nearly impossible. By hiring your wedding planner and coordinator early on, you can save yourself a lot of anxiety by knowing you and your fiancé are being taken care of. If you or someone you know is celebrating an engagement this holiday, please allow us to be one of your first couple calls. Tell the family and friends, then call us.

We offer free consultations, and can save you or your engaged friends time, money and lots of stress. Ask any of our former or current clients; you don't want to do this alone! We provide referral information to all prospective clients so that they hear firsthand how much of a saving grace hiring Celebrations by Amy Bacon can be. You should enjoy your own wedding, and the planning through your engagement is no different! We can help from formulating a color-scheme, negotiating with vendors, or simply the day-of coordination.

Contact us today and have the peace of mind that one of our three coordinators and many assistants will be there for you every step of the way! Celebrations by Amy Bacon wishes everyone a merry Christmas, a happy new year, and a joyous engagement!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sam and Derek Burkum – November 2nd, 2012 – Sun City, Arizona

With friends and family by their side, Sam and Derek became Mr. and Mrs. Burkum with a gorgeous Arizona sunset as the backdrop. Not even blown tires could dampen this sweet couple’s happy moment. They were all smiles the entire day as they celebrated being husband and wife, something they had been looking forward to for many months. The weather could not have been more perfect on November 2 in Sun City, Arizona, for their outdoor ceremony overlooking the country club. During their First Look under the shade of a tree, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house; to say that love was in the air would be an extreme understatement!

With the golf course in the background and only blue skies above them, they said their I Dos with those whom they love most in the world as their witnesses. As the bridal party danced their way back up the aisle, everyone knew that the reception was going to be a true celebration. Their colors of purple, black, and white made the space POP and added an elegant touch to their sophisticated simplicity. Touches of bling could be found everywhere you looked, not just in their jewelry! The bridal bouquet had rhinestones in the lilies, gems were strewn across guest tables, and the Manzanita branch centerpieces were dripping with dazzling crystals. Uplighting helped set the mood as the sun went down and filled the room with a stunning, royal hue.

Almost as soon as they ceremony ended, the party began. And how could it not with so many Wisconsin Badger fans in attendance? With the fight song being chanted for the Grand Entrance and the school colors garter on an NCAA football, Wisconsin ruled the reception without a doubt. DJ Steve kept the dance floor packed all night long and guests literally danced until they dropped. Once they couldn’t dance, they simply posed – in the Clique Photobooth that is. With different hats, feathery boas, and props to choose from, everyone had a great time snapping memories all night long. As the reception came to an end, no one wanted the party to stop, Celebrations by Amy Bacon girls included! A guest summed up perfectly what everyone was thinking about the night: “what a party!”

Thank you, Sam and Derek, for inviting Celebrations by Amy Bacon to be a part of such a wonderful day in your lives!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

J + A Wedding 4.27.13

We're honored to have a guest blogger today for Celebrations by Amy Bacon.  Thank you Stacia of MoxieMae Photography for sharing this special day with us. 

There are always a million things that can go wrong and there is always possibility for disaster. We all hope and pray that any kind of unfortunate event stays clear of one of the most important days of our lives. And it is often that not until we are faced with the possibility of an unfortunate event, do we really know how much love, family and friends are there to support us. Fortunately for J+A, luck and love was very much on their side on April 27, 2013. Some of you may or may not know, but one of the most fantastic wedding venues, The Inspirador in downtown Chandler, has closed it’s doors for good, and this wedding was one of the venue’s very last. And I must say (totally unbiased…ahem…) but The Inspirador certainly went out with a bang! J+A’s wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen and possibly one of the most wonderful groups of people I’ve met. There was not an ounce of love and happiness lacking for these two and it was overwhelming at some points to be a part of this special day. Huge shout out to wedding planning and match making extraordinaire, Amy Bacon with Celebrations by Amy Bacon for introducing me to J + A.

J + A, I am so very grateful to have met the two of you and your families and friends and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day!   ~ Stacia

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tiffany a former bride was interviewed by Patrice Klaum | Lead Planner for Celebrations by Amy Bacon

Patrice - When/where did you two meet?
Tiffany - Chris and I met through friends on Mill Ave on February 7th, 2008. I knew the night that I met Chris that I was going to marry him. I went home that night and told my girlfriend that I was going to marry Chris someday. She asked me why, and I couldn’t explain it. It was just a feeling I had. But Chris, being a complete gentleman, didn’t even ask for my number that night because he later said he “wanted to be respectful and was a little shy”. From the very beginning I always felt like something was missing from my left had; it felt empty. I can honestly say that I have never felt like that about anyone before, so I knew he was a keeper!

Patrice - Who asked who out?
Tiffany - I ended up taking the reigns by finding Chris on Facebook and stated chatting with him, but we didn’t start dating until several months later. I found Chris on Facebook after we initially met, but Chris was the one who asked me out after we reconnected.

Patrice - How/when did you get engaged?
Tiffany - Chris proposed on February 7th, 2012, on the four-year anniversary of the day that we met. Us both being Sundevils, his proposal was on a private rooftop overlooking Sundevil stadium and downtown Tempe. The proposal was a complete shock, even though I had been hinting at it for months. Chris had to twist my arm to even get me there that night, tricking me into thinking we were going to a party of his company. It was a random Tuesday night and I was finishing up my Master’s program at the time, so I had a ton of homework. I was mad at Chris the whole car ride over, complaining about the inconvenience of a party on a weeknight. But when we arrived there was no one but a private chef to cook us dinner, candles, champagne, and a pretty little box with a sparkly ring inside! When he let the cat out of the bag that this was all for me and no one else was coming, he popped the question, with my best friend hidden to take pictures! I’m glad I went!

Patrice - What is/are your dog(s) names?
Tiffany - We have two dachshunds named Lily and Rex. They are our babies!

Patrice - Why did you pick Clayton on the Park?
Tiffany - Venue searching was the most exhausting part for me because I had a vision but couldn’t find the perfect venue to fit that… that is until I found Clayton on the Park. It was the perfect fit; the outdoor garden ceremony that I had dreamt of with a modern reception space that we could put our personal touches on.

Patrice - Were there any special details at your wedding that you knew you just had to have present?
Tiffany - We knew we wanted to do our wedding in the springtime, and decided on February since that’s the month that we met and got engaged. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t just want a standard wedding where you could just “insert bride and groom”. I wanted the wedding to scream Tiffany and Chris. My style is really eclectic, and I love vintage with a modern twist. That’s how I framed my wedding, through a vintage meets modern glam lense. I also knew I wanted the wedding to be very elegant and romantic.
Pinterest was both my best friend and worst enemy during the planning process. The bulk of my inspiration came from Pinterest, for everything from the linens to the flowers, to the cake. I took pictures from Pinterst with me to every vendor appointment so that I could show them exactly what I wanted (I’m a bit of a perfectionist!). Pinterest was also my worst enemy because I couldn’t stop looking for ideas! The creative part of by brain was going crazy thinking about all of these awesome DIY projects. It wasn’t until about 6 weeks before the wedding that we finalized all décor. I was a bit of a nut with all of the details. Hiring the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team really allowed me to let them to handle all of the vendor relations, coordinating, and organization so that I could focus on the creative details that I knew I had to have. Amy also had a big hand in helping me refine my many ideas and helping bringing my vision to life!

Patrice - How important was it to you that your family was able to enjoy the day like guests?
Tiffany - We had family coming into town from all over for the wedding. Chris’s family is mainly from Ohio, and I had family coming from Tucson, Florida, and Texas. We were not only excited about the wedding, but also excited about spending time with our loved ones! We didn't want to burden our friends and family with helping run the show on the day of. This is where the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team came in. It was such a relief knowing that they were taking care of everything and that our family and friends could just enjoy the day and night.

Patrice - When did you know that you wanted/needed a wedding planner and coordinator?
Tiffany - Pinterest was both my best friend and worst enemy during the planning process. When we began the planning process, we quickly realized that there is so much that goes into planning a wedding. From the really big decisions of what vendors to hire, to the tiny details, it was all very overwhelming. This is when I decided that I needed help. Though I had a good idea of what I wanted, Amy and her team helped organize my ideas and suggest vendors that could bring my ideas to life.

Patrice - When did you hire Amy?
Tiffany - We hired Amy in March of '12 (I think). We interviewed several other planners; however I knew right after talking to Amy that she was the right planner for us. She really was a step above the rest. Not only is she an awesome planner but she puts a lot of heart into what she does, and I could tell that from our first conversation.

Patrice - What was your favorite part about having the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team by your side on February 8th?
Tiffany - We loved having the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team there on our wedding day. My favorite part was the fact that I could relax knowing that all of the logistics were being taken care of. I didn't have to think about vendors, set up, timeline; I knew everything would flow seamlessly with the Celebrations by Amy Bacon team there for me. Also, Amy and Patrice helped keep me sane in the weeks leading up to the wedding and on the day of. I was a bundle of nerves the day of and I couldn't ask for better gals to have by my side!

Patrice - Is there anything you'd like to say to couples planning their big day?
Tiffany - My biggest piece of advice is to get as much done in advance as you can. When you're engaged for several months, it's difficult to get everything done in advance because you keep thinking you have all of this time...until it runs out! Amy and the team really helped me get all of the big stuff out of the way in advance. It was so nice to have trusted vendors recommended to us so that we didn't have to spend hours researching vendors. That really made a huge difference. I would also say to focus on a handful of things that are really important to you because it is easy to get caught up in the tiny details. Oh and one more thing...don't take on too many DIY projects! 


Images Provided by About Love Inspired Photography 480.734.0492

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