Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tangerine Tango is the Color of the Year

It’s hard to believe Spring is a couple months away – although in the world of wedding planning Spring literally is right around the corner.

1)     COLORS:  In Fall of 2011 it was about dark browns and pastels – but this coming Spring, hold on to your hats – Pantone Tangerine Tango is not only gracing weddings, but is Color of the Year.  Bold and bright, this color would mix nicely or go-it-alone.  Although not alone in the wheel for Spring weddings, it certainly seems to be the trend setter in fashion colors.
2)     Dresses:  From deep V-necklines to high slit skirts, dresses seem to – pardon the reference Justin T. – bring sexy back.  Sparkle, drapes, ruffles, and more seem to show a partnership between glamour and bold that makes a real statement for the dress wearer.
3)     Hair:  Not to be outdone by clothing, hairstyles seem to mirror the need for statement making for 2012.  Braids for up-dos are making a comeback, however not quite like we’ve seen in the past.  Asymmetrical patterns, letting the hair flow on its own and not being afraid of imperfection, or maybe even a touch of “messy” helps accentuate the suave dress and thought out design.
4)     Cake:  For some, it really is all about the cake.  From separate cakes for the bride, groom, and guests to works of art, these will take your breath away.

So, brides, get yourself together because we’re about to jump into Spring, and this year, it’s going to be a bright, sexy, and slightly messy affair…or in this case, season. Whether you choose to keep things low-key on your big day with neutrals and naturals, or make it a jaw dropping bright, colorful,  ‘oh my gosh I can’t believe she did that’ all out party, have fun and celebrate your commitment of love, and the season.

Ever since the Pantone Color Institute announced that the reddish-orange shade called ' Tangerine Tango' has been chosen as the 2012 color of the year, I've received a few emails asking about subtle, modest ways to incorporate it into a wedding theme. With a color such as tangerine, it's important to compliment your intended color palette with "pops of color" instead of overpowering and taking away from the other design elements. One simple and effective way to do this is by accenting your floral decor.

Below are the top 10 picks that can help any bride gracefully apply some Tangerine Tango to their big day.


For more info on Tangerine Tango, visit Pantone.com.
Here's to a bright, colorful 2012!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Bridesmaids: 9 Tips for Who to Pick

Stressing over which friends and/or relatives will be bridesmaids? Choosing the bridal party is no laughing matter. Scan these deciding factors, and the selection process will be a breeze.


How Many Maids?

One of the first things to consider when selecting your bridal party is how many guests you're planning to invite. While bridal parties can range anywhere from a single maid/matron of honor to more than a dozen attendants, most wedding experts agree that a good rule of thumb is to have one groomsman and one corresponding bridesmaid for every 50 guests. (This doesn't mean, though, that you have to go ask a stranger to be in your wedding just because your fiance has one more attendant than you do. Life will go on if you have uneven numbers of groomsmen and bridesmaids.) Also, a large wedding party traditionally signifies a formal wedding. So if you're planning a small, intimate gathering, ten bridesmaids might be a bit too much.

A good guideline is to have one groomsman and one bridesmaid for every 50 guests.

More isn't Merrier

Speaking of size, remember that the more bridesmaids you have, the greater the potential for complications. In other words, you'll need to get more people to agree on a dress or decide on a bridal shower date. And if you're on a limited budget, think about who has to pay for all those bridesmaids bouquets. That's right -- you.

Blood is Thicker Than Water

If you're close to your sister or future sister-in-law, the thought of not including them in your wedding party probably never even occurred to you. But if you suffer from a serious Jan Brady complex, the thought of asking your sister (or sister-in-law) to be a bridesmaid probably ranks right up there with getting a football in the nose. Still, it's usually worth including family members just to avoid unnecessary conflict. Think of it as having more bargaining power when you're battling with your mom over the guest list.

No Backsies

You don't need to ask someone to be in your wedding just because she asked you to be in her wedding. Don't ask the college roommate you haven't spoken to in five years just to return the favor. Weddings are no time for quid pro quo. Period.

Location, Location

What do you expect from your bridesmaids? Will simple moral support suffice, or do you expect them to be your personal Pollyannas, addressing wedding invitations and tying tiny ribbons around your wedding favors? If it's the latter, think twice about asking friends who live far away or who have extremely hectic schedules. You don't want to find yourself getting frustrated with a friend you knew wouldn't be able to give you all the help you wanted.

Don't Assume

Try not to make hasty assumptions. Don't write off some friends simply because you think they don't have enough money to afford that Vera Wang bridesmaid dress you have your eye on. If you want to ask a friend whom you know is having financial difficulties, you can always say something like, "I'd love for you to be a bridesmaid, but I understand the tough time you're going through now. If you can't do it, I'd love to find something else for you to do in the wedding." (Or, you can offer to pay her way if you can't stand the idea of her not being in the wedding.)

Guys Count

A bridesmaid doesn't have to be a woman. Despite the prevalence of feminine pronouns in this guide, if your best friend is a guy, there's no reason why he can't be in your wedding. Today, many brides (and grooms) are including members of the opposite sex as attendants. In these cases, a man on the bride's side is simply called an attendant or bridesman, while a woman on the groom's side can be called an attendant or a groomswoman.

Other Honors

Still stuck? Keep in mind that there are plenty of other roles good friends can play in your wedding if they don't make the cut -- do a reading, hand out programs, or perform a song.

Spread the News

Once you make up your mind about your bridesmaids, you'll want to get the word out. The only thing worse than a coworker who thinks she's invited to your wedding is a friend who assumes she's going to be a bridesmaid. If you're afraid of hurting someone's feelings, remember that, as cliched as it sounds, any true friend will understand whatever decision you ultimately make. And finally, the sooner you make your decision, the sooner you get to check off one more box on your endless wedding checklist.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't miss out on YOUR perfect vendor!

My advice to engaged couples is this ....
After large bridal shows vendors book up very quickly. Celebrations by Amy Bacon and many vendors I work with have Weddings booked for 2014 already.
If you meet a Wedding Professional that you KNOW you want to work with .... don't wait to deposit them to hold your date. I see brides brokenhearted when they don't get their "dream venue or vendor".
I personally think your first hire should be a planner. Why, you ask? Because, a well connected wedding planner can introduce you to wonderful vendors within your budget and negotiate your contracts. Depending on your choice in vendors I can save a percentage of my fee.
♥ I had to turn down a second bride today for a date that was already booked .... I thought this would be good information to share. ♥
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Plan A Wedding To Remember

No need to excuse or explain nontraditional wedding plans – they've never been more in style. When planning for your big day, don't be afraid to have fun with out of the ordinary everything, from outfits to hor d’oeuvres. So throw that bouquet in the air and while you're at it, caution to the wind. Want to plan a modern, memorable wedding but aren't sure where to begin? Here's a look at ten playful wedding trends to get you started. 

1) Fun with color

From black accents to bold color blocks, color is king this year. And it's not limited to the bride. Non-matching bridesmaids are coordinating in patterns or complementary color combinations like this crafty DIY wedding of mega-blogger Elsie Larson to bold color palettes, shades of gray and stripes continue to be big color trends for the year.

2) Goodbye church

As more couples say "I do" in locations outside of a traditional church, rules and traditions fly out the window as well. Without the pressure of stained glass windows and choir lofts, couples feel as free as an open field (where they might be having the ceremony) to adapt, change and modernize their wedding.

3) Alternative gift registries

Many couples are registering for gifts that will help them in a practical way. Travel agencies are starting to offer honeymoon gift certificates and some auto dealers are offering gift certificates toward the purchase of a new vehicle. CardAvenue.com allows couples to create a gift card registry for national retailers. Couples can get as creative as they want and can request gift cards to home improvement stores to offset costs of home renovation or register for local restaurants so they can continue dating as newlyweds on a budget.

4) Punchy personalization

While the structure of the wedding remains the same (you've got a couple, an officiant, a group of family and friends, a ceremony and reception), the look is anything but. The time may be different (think brunch), the seating may be smarter (seated at tables & staying put for the reception), the furniture may be funky (varying size and shape or non-traditional choices), and forget the wedding favors – today's couples are giving personalized takeaways, like souvenir photo booth picture strips.

5)  Eco-friendly finds

Outdoor spaces, reclaimed furniture, flea market finds and even wooden rings are helping eco-conscious brides and grooms celebrate in a big way without the environmental impact. Green weddings can feature locally grown food and seed-lined wedding invitations for planting.

CarbonFund and Terrapass offer wedding carbon footprint calculators, where air travel is most likely the biggest offender. Couples can purchase carbon offsets to lessen the impact or request contributions as gifts.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WCUI Graduation Candy Buffet | Fall 2011

Photos provided by Drew and Megan Anderson
Flowers - Crazy Daisies Flowers and Gifts
DJ - Universal Disc Jockey
Coordination and Candy Buffet - Celebrations By Amy Bacon

Wedding Wire Rated 2012

We won the WeddingWire Bride's Choice Awards 2012! This means we are in the top 5% of Wedding Pros nationwide! The WeddingWire Bride's Choice Awards™ recognizes the top local wedding professionals from the WeddingWire Network that demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, the WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Awards™ are determined solely by the reviews from over 1.2 million newlyweds. 

Weddings, Wedding Venues
2012 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Check out my profile on Thumbtack.com

I just set up a profile on Thumbtack.com. You can see photos and hopefully soon read reviews of my services for Candy Buffets and Wedding Planning | Coordination. Please take a moment to check it out. If you've worked with me, or hired me please take a moment to leave me a review. Thank you for supporting Celebrations By Amy Bacon!!
Here is the link ..... Wedding Planning - Day-Of Custom - Candy Buffets

Thursday, January 5, 2012

11.12.11 Wedding at The Farm at South Mountain | Candy Buffet

Jess and Dustin were married on the morning of Saturday 11.12.11 at The Farm at South Mountain. I fell in love with this couple almost instantly. I think once you see the images from their wedding you will understand why. I was excited to have the chance to work with Make Up By Jen B and Santa Barbara Catering again. I also had the pleasure to work with David Hoyt and Mellisa Young for the first time.

Venue - The Farm at South Mountain
Make-Up - Make Up by Jen B. - www.makeupbyjenb.com
Photography by Melissa Young- Melissayoungphotography.com
DJ | Entertainment - Dave Hoyt- EZAZDJ.com
Santa Barbara Catering - santabarbaracatering.com
Candy Buffet by Celebrations By Amy Bacon - CelebrationsByAmyBacon.com