Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review from our 11.12.11 Wedding Candy Buffet

I am SO HAPPY that we found Amy. She is not only one of the sweetest people on the planet but she is also so good at what she does. She created such a beautiful candy buffet for our wedding. People continue to talk about it as one of the highlights of the day! When my hubby and I were done taking pictures Amy came up to us with ice water (how did she know we were DYING of thirst? ha). She also gave me a few pieces of delicious dark chocolates (my absolute fave) and made the hubby and I bags of candy so that we wouldn't miss out on anything. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience with Amy. She is so professional and passionate about her work and she really does just have a gift when it comes to making a wedding day extra special. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. My hubby and I are sooooooooooo happy that we met Amy!
~Jess Schrader

I love candy and I was very happy that I was able to have candy at our wedding. Amy was really great. She was very helpful and her candy buffet looked awesome. All my friends are still talking about it!
~Dustin Schrader

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these images from this beautiful morning wedding. Jess and Dustin are such a sweet couple (pun intended). I feel so blessed to have met them via Facebook when I had a Candy Buffet contest. They didn't win but they absolutely fell in love with the idea of having a buffet and I was excited to be part of their special day. Their love for one another is the kind of love you could FEEL by just being around them.

Thank you Jess and Dustin for allowing Celebrations by Amy Bacon to share in your day of love and celebration!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Review from 11.11.11 Wedding

I must say that Amy is absolutely AMAZING!!! I was debating for a while on whether I should hire Amy or not and let me tell you I don't know how I would have gotten through my wedding in once piece without her! She took all of the stress away from my husband and I and made sure she took care of it all! She helped make all of my dreams come true! We didn't have the "traditional" wedding and Amy really understood that about us. We didn't want the formal sit down dinner, or the formal hello to everyone. We are a more casual couple and we really wanted that to shine the day of the wedding. If it wasn't for Amy helping us along to way I don't think that it would have gone as well as it did! We still had a lot of elegance and some traditional stuff but it was also very casual at the same time! Amy was my right hand man the entire month before the wedding! I didn't feel one ounce of stress but instead I felt relief that everything was taken care of and I 100% trusted her!

If you are questioning if you need to hire a planner for the month or day of the event I would say make sure to fit it in your budget! Amy will ensure that you have the time of your life! Why spend a ton of money on your wedding and something go wrong when you can spend a little extra money and she will make sure it absolutely perfect and you have no worries what so ever!

Amy also surprised us with an AMAZING surprise!!! That is just how awesome she is, she will make sure you have one of the best day's of your life!

Amy helped make our dream wedding come true and I couldn't thank her enough!! No words can express how much we adore, love and cherish everything that she has done for us! Thank you so much Amy!! You truly are the BEST!!!